Range Rules Range News  © S & D Indoor Range LLC. 440 E. Brannon Rd. Nicholasville, KY 40356              Range Rules                                                     S & D Indoor Range, LLC                                                                    440 E. Brannon Road                                                     Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356                                                     Telephone: 859-245.0777 Gun Range Rules These rules are adopted as of January 03, 2013 and are subject to change without notice. Firearms and Ammunition -      All firearms are subject to inspection by any/all range personnel and may only enter unloaded, boxed or cased. - No black powder is permitted. - All range rental firearm ammunition will be purchased at the range. - No fully automatic weapons are allowed. - No rifle in calibers above 30-06 is permitted without consent of chief range officer. - ABSOLUTELY no steel core, steel jacketed, tracer, or incendiary ammunition will be allowed.  All ammunition brought into and/or used in S and D Indoor Range MUST be industry standard and approved by the Range. Note - Anyone using non-industry standard, i.e. steel core or otherwise Range damaging potential ammunition, will be held accountable and financially responsible for any and all damage done to the Range. Age Those under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The minimum age allowed on the range will be 10 years old and all in this category must be supervised at all times. Range Officers The range safety officer(s) on duty is in direct charge of the range at all times and his commands must be obeyed immediately.  Upon the command “CEASE FIRE”, stop shooting immediately, put down your firearm, muzzle pointing downrange and back away from the shooting booth.  Once the command of “ALL CLEAR” is given, you may reassume your position at the booth and may only shoot upon the command “ COMMENCE FIRING”. Safety Rules 1. Always treat firearms like they are loaded.  ALWAYS 2. Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange.  Never toward ceiling, floor or walls. 3. Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to fire. 4. Always keep action open and unloaded until on the firing line and ready to fire. 5. Be completely familiar with your firearm and its safety features.  Insure that you are using the proper ammunition for your firearm. 6. Eye and ear protection are required prior to entering the range area and must be worn at all times. 7. Use only one firearm at a time. 8. No firearm will be outside of a case/box outside of the firing line or booth, i.e., all firearms must be uncased and cased in the shooting station. 9. No firearm will be handled outside the shooting booth. 10. Alcohol or drug use before or attempting to use the range facilities is strictly prohibited.  Any person suspected of these offenses will be escorted off the premises immediately.  No refunds will be allowed. 11. Food and beverage is not allowed in the shooting area. 12. No tobacco use of any kind is permitted in the shooting area in bags, tins, purses, boxes or any other form of packaging. 13. Only shoot to your ability.  Uncontrolled rapid fire or shooting resulting in damage to equipment is strictly prohibited.  Violators will have all range privileges revoked and will be held responsible for any damages. 14. Only shoot your assigned target.  NO CROSS LANE FIRING.  Always know what is beyond your target. 15. Only one shooter per lane per booth at a time.  Coaching is permitted upon clearance with the range safety officer. 16. Non shooters may not enter the range area. 17. No cell phone usage, including texting is allowed in the range. 18. No drawing from any holster is allowed.  An exception would be law enforcement training groups preapproved by the owners. 19. If there is a chance you are pregnant it is strongly suggested that you not participate in shooting activities. 20. If you knowingly have any medical condition that may cause harm to yourself or others you should not participate in shooting activities. 21. No firearm will be passed to another, even if you are sharing a lane. 22. If you have a misfire, dud, stovepipe or any problem that you cannot safely correct with your firearm pointed in the downrange position, lay your firearm on the bench, again always pointed downrange, step back from the firing line and signal for the range safety officer. 23. Spent bullet casings (brass) can only be picked up in one’s immediate shooting area, that is, in the shooter’s own shooting station. 24. Report any unsafe activity or conditions to the range safety officer. 25. When you are finished shooting all firearms must be unloaded and placed back in the case or box in which it was brought in. This is to be done prior to leaving the shooting area. 26. Please wash your hands after shooting. 27. You may be expelled from the range at any time, by the range safety officer, for any action he(they) deem unsafe, either to yourself, others or the range itself.  No refunds will be given. 28. THE RANGE SAFETY OFFICER(S) DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Archery Range Rules 1. The range officer has the full authority for the enforcement of the rules of the range. Any misconduct or rules violations by any shooter may result in the shooters removal from the Range. 2. Only one shooter will be allowed at the firing line.  If there is more than one shooter using the station, the non shooter MUST stay behind the warning line. 3. No shooter will nock an arrow in his/her bow while behind the firing line. 4. The maximum draw weight of a bow on the Range will be 80 pounds (except Crossbows) 5. No arrows shorter than 26 inches will be allowed. This excludes crossbows. 6. No non shooters will be allowed in the target areas. 7. No shooter will be allowed to retrieve their arrows until the all clear has been sounded and the warning lights have been turned on. Shooting may resume ONLY after the Range officer has given the OK to continue shooting. 8. All shooters must retrieve their arrows in a timely manner. 9. All children must have adult supervision at all times. Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to shoot any crossbow. 10. All Bows must be secured at the shooting station before any shooter goes downrange to retrieve their arrows. I acknowledge that I have read the rules and regulations of S& D Indoor Range, LLC and that I understand and agree to comply with them fully. Waiver of Liability Claims I my agents, assigns, executors or administrators for the consideration of being allowed to enter, rent and use the facilities and services of S & D Indoor Range, LLC do hereby absolutely and unequivocally agree to release and hold harmless S & D Indoor Range, LLC, its agents, employees, instructors, assigns, owners and successors from any and all claim, demand or liability arising out of any injury loss or disability connected with the use of, attendance or activities at the facility. I further understand that shooting can be dangerous and I will at all times exercise safe gun and bow handling practices.    the end Printable PDF version