Classes © S and D Indoor Range LLC. 440 E. Brannon Rd. Nicholasville, KY 40356  To be eligible to apply for a CCDW license in Kentucky,you must: Be at least 21 years old Be a citizen of the United States (*) Be a resident of Kentucky, or.... o be a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on duty in Kentucky at the time of application for your CCDW license (*) Note: If not a U.S. citizen, the Citizenship Affidavit (KSP 131) must be completed, attached to the application, and submitted to the sheriff’s office in the county of residence when applying for your CCDW license You will need an unloaded pistol and 20 rounds of factory ammunition.  No reloads are allowed for the test.  Ammunition can be purchased at the range. Class Cost: $85.00 Cash payment on day of the class No loaded weapons allowed in the class                   Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon License Training Course Ladies Handgun Night Class / Shoot This class is split between 1) thirty minutes in-class discussing a variety of shooting skills and 2) an hour and a half shooting three self-defense scenarios. Attendees should bring their handgun unloaded and in a case, shooting bag, box, etc.    * If using a semi-automatic, magazines should also be unloaded 50 rounds of ammunition Ear and eye protection Class Cost: $20 Current schedule: October 17 October 24 November 14 November 28 Start Time: 6:00 PM For additional details or to sign-up, contact:   Danielle Daughtery,  859.582.5737,   November classes: Thursday 1 Saturday 3 Thursday 15 Saturday 17   Class start time:  9:00 AM   Call the Range to enroll    --> (859) 273-0311 CCDW instructors at S & D Indoor Range:   - Mark Sands; normally instructs Saturday classes   - Tom Stratton; normally instructs Thursday classes Introduction to Handguns and Handgun Safety This is an introductory course intended for the new / inexperienced shooter. Covered in this class: safe firearm handling and safe use of firearms. Also discussed: types of handguns and parts of the firearm (nomenclature). Additionally; sighting , grips, stance, ammunition, storage, and cleaning. Class cost: $30 Class schedule: On demand. o Call the range: 859.273.0311, ask for Dan Note - Range time is not included as part of this class, but any students wanting to shoot in the Range for hands-on experience, the instructor will accompany and assist.